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Code For Change Sparks Global Coding Success during CSEd Week

Code For Change, a trailblazer in promoting computer science education with a primary focus on teaching code to students across Africa, is thrilled to announce the resounding success of Computer Science Education Week (CSEd Week) and the Hour of Code 2023, held from December 4th to 10th, 2023.

CSEd Week is an annual campaign designed to kindle curiosity and enthusiasm for coding, urging learners of all ages to delve into the wonders of technology and computer science. Participants are encouraged to engage by trying out an Hour of Code, exploring a variety of free and carefully curated fun coding activities.

Rachael Pahwaringira, Director of Code for Change, highlighted that “This initiative aligns with Code For Change’s vision of making coding education accessible and empowering learners to become creators in the digital world, and we are so excited to see the results of how impactful the campaign was.”

In a showcase of the growing global enthusiasm for coding education, Code For Change witnessed an unprecedented engagement during its CSEd Week campaign with 23,000 students participating via the CodeJIKA Learning Platform. These young coding enthusiasts collectively completed an impressive 70,000 coding challenges while working to get their Hour of Code completed. Our activities garnered 609,000 page views during the week as students worked their way to completing the free coding activities that were available.

Global Participation: A Tapestry of Learners

While the primary mission remains dedicated to nurturing coding skills in students across Africa, this year’s event achieved unparalleled recognition on a global scale. Code For Change prominently featured on the and websites, capturing the attention of students worldwide.

The event drew learners from South Africa, Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Morocco, Egypt, United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, India, Japan, New Zealand, Ukraine, Germany, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brazil, and beyond. This international engagement not only showcased the universal appeal of coding education but also emphasized Code For Change’s pivotal role in uniting a diverse community through code.

Recap of the Week: A Diverse Coding Extravaganza

The week-long virtual event provided a diverse coding experience, offering participants a taste of various coding activities. From the block-based mastery with “Rodocodo the Cat” to the exciting coding quest with “Moana: Wayfinding with Code”, the coding journey delved into AI and machine learning, celebrated the power of girls who code with “Barbie You Can Be Anything”, explored the essentials of web development with the CodeJIKA’s popular “5-Minute Website”, and ventured into the realms of JavaScript while having fun coding a game. The concluding challenge provided an introduction to Python, offering participants a glimpse into another valuable coding language.

Throughout the week, students were encouraged to go beyond the one-hour coding goal, exploring the endless possibilities that coding presents. The variety of activities aimed to not only teach coding concepts but also to ignite creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills.

As a fitting conclusion, participants received certificates in recognition of completing their Hour of Code. We hope that the valuable coding skills acquired during this event will continue to inspire and challenge students to continue on their coding journey.

Code For Change expresses gratitude to all participants, educators, and partners who contributed to making this Hour of Code Week an immense success. The event not only reinforced the importance of making coding education accessible but also highlighted the global impact of Code For Change in shaping the future of learners worldwide. 

About CSEd Week

Computer Science Education Week (CSEd Week) is an annual initiative dedicated to promoting the importance of computer science education and its integration into schools.

Held annually in early December, CSEd Week encourages students, educators, and communities to engage in coding activities, workshops, and events that highlight the significance of computational thinking.

The event aims to demystify computer science, foster interest, and address the growing demand for tech skills. With a focus on inclusivity, CSEd Week strives to reach diverse audiences, bridging gaps in access to computer science education. It plays a vital role in preparing students for the digital age and inspiring future innovators.

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