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Make your mark on your country by volunteering as a high school coding coach.

CodeJIKA Volunteers - MAKE YOUR MARK.

This is for anyone that wants to teach high school learners how to code using the CodeJIKA curriculum.
Your goal is to introduce coding and create coding clubs in various high schools in your area and encourage high schools students to take part in a coding learning competition.

Create coding clubs at various high schools in your local area and build a network of student run clubs

Work with fellow coding coaches,social impact builders, educators, and community members to build a supportive and collaborative learning environment for students.


We have added all the necessary documents that will assist you on your journey.

01: Organize a Local Competition

Please see below for important resources and tools you can utilise in your volunteering journey to make a difference.

02: Offline Curriculum

Most schools don’t have sufficient connectivity to enable learners to use the online CodeJIKA platform. The offline curriculum enables you to teach without any connectivity and without installing any software.

Teaching Style: Remember, this is mainly self and peer-to-peer driven learning. So as the Coach your job is to enable learners to discuss in small groups every 30 minutes to solve each other’s bugs and make progress. Only after discussing and asking help from another group, should you help them directly.

03: Branding

Download our cool branding for your next event. Feel free to add your logo and details on the posters.


Freakin' Awesome Questions

CodeJIKA is a coding curriculum designed for high school learners, it aims to promote digital literacy and prepare students for the digital economy.

You can approach your local school’s administration and pitch the idea of starting a coding club. You can also reach out to other students who are interested in coding and collaborate with them to create the club. 

While previous coding or teaching experience can be helpful, it’s not necessarily required to become a CodeJIKA coach. You should have a passion for education and a willingness to learn and help others.

CodeJIKA provides training and support for its coaches, including online resources, webinars, and in-person training sessions. You can also connect with other coaches and educators in the CodeJIKA community to share ideas and resources.

You can start at any time, however if you want your students to take part in the upcoming competitions, please follow the competition page and stay up to date.

Anyone who wants to give back to their community. All Volunteers must read the Code of Conduct and sign it and email it to [email protected] before starting their volunteer journey. Our learners’ safety is our number 1 priority.

Download Code of Conduct here:

This is a volunteer based opportunity. We will send a small stipend for data, posters and any other marketing materials needed. However you need approval from the CodeJIKA team.

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