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Looking to teach coding in your classroom?

Here are some helpful resources and tools to get your started
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If you have any questions, please feel free to send an email to [email protected]


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01: 1-Hour-Website

The 1-hour website is a great starting point for teaching your first class about coding , download these resource to have everything you ned to get started.
Ad Poster
Ad Flyer (B&W)
Ad Flyer (Colour)
Event Signup Page A4
How to run 1 Hour Website Event
Curriculum: The 1-Hour-Website
Curriculum: The 10-Minute-Website

02: Curriculum

No internet access? No worries!! We created an Offline curriculum just for you. Start with the Intro Guide, it teaches you how to get started with the offline curriculum.
Offline: Intro Guide
Project 1: Landing Page
Project 2: My Web CV
Project 3: My Biz Web

03: About CodeJIKA is a FUN and FREE coding program for high-schools.Our mission is to create awesome experiences, cool online tools and fun curriculum to support the youth of today and leaders of tomorrow. is a social impact project driven by Code for Change, supporters & partners.
C4C Profile
Presentation: Why Coding in Schools
Code for Change Video Link

04: New Partner School Engagement

Wanna bring the CodeJIKA program to your classroom but you don't know where to start? Don’t worry we have sorted it out for you. Download the documents below to start.
Intro Letter
CodeJIKA School Pitch

05: CodeJIKA Partners – Building an Eco-system in your area

Our mission is to see more high schools in Africa teaching coding. Check out our plans for the future by downloading any of the following documents below.
1 YEAR Structure Timeline
3 Year Timeline & Goals
Budget Template for Project Funding Structure (Suggested)
How To Teach The CodeJIKA Curriculum Offline
How to schedule CodeJIKA as a subject
Schools Closed…What’s next” document

06: Branding

Download our cool branding for your next event. Feel free to add your logo and details on the posters.
Ad Poster
3-Day Workshop Poster

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