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Coding Teachers

Your Learners are the Rockets, Coding is the Fuel.

Code Teachers are our heros. We'd love to help make your time teaching coding in the classroom fun and exciting.


What's expected?


Freakin' Awesome Questions

A vibrant eco-system of student-run coding clubs in secondary schools.

Operationally it is divided into 3 Pillars;

  1. Online (platform and partners),
  2. Awareness (media & advocacy) and
  3. Hands-on (In-school Clubs & Events)



You learn how to code, starting with “1‑Hour‑Website” – How to code a simple website using HTML & CSS. Each consecutive project builds on this skill until you can customize and build beautiful business websites for SMEs from scratch – Like a PRO.

Run an event or assist schools or other organizations who are.

Easy. Go to the “How to run an event” page here to get started. There you’ll find the curriculum, suggested format, easy to use curriculum and tools to engage volunteers and even fundraise for the event.

Anyone can run an event. It’s real fun and it’s about learning together and allowing others to have space to grow and someone who believes in them. You should have some desire to learn and work with the kids to find solutions though.

There is no official version for primary schools, but from what we’ve heard the 5th, 6th and 7th graders love the program as well.

Of course. If you’ve already left school you can join the online CodeJIKA program and can help in organizing events and mentoring. The clubs and competitions are only for secondary school learners at this time.

CodeJIKA teaches you how to become a Junior Frontend Web-developer, as fast as possible. It’s about building communites and creating revolutions within the existing educational system, stemming from the student base rather than a teacher-driven approach. CodeJIKA’s projected timeline is 3 years per group. You can go from never touching a PC to learning to hard-code professional websites in 6 months while still in school. Our Belief: Our youth are engines of the new economy and are instinctively infused with a desire to build – Nothing can stop them! We’re here to provide tools. That’s all.

Gallery of Coding Awards

The Annual Coding Awards 5 Categories; Coder of the Year, Code Club of the Year, Volunteer of the Year, Innovative Partner of the Year, Sustainable Partner of the Year & Trainer of the Year.
Club Awards
Cosmo City Web Comp
Club 1st Place Awards
Club 2nd Place Awards

List of Interested or Partner Schools

View the schools and organizations who work in tandem with the CodeJIKA Movement.

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