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  • Kitgak Simon

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Jos Plateau
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My name is Kitgak Simon from Jos Plateau, Nigeria; a 4OO Level undergraduate Electrical Engineering student at Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Bauchi and a second year Computer Science undergraduate at the University of the People USA online. I am also a digital marketer, volunteer, content writer, brand promotional model, website developer and an aspiring data analyst.

I have always been a tech enthusiast since childhood; a hard worker and challenge taker at any interested or engaged endeavour, especially academically in the past. However, my passion and fascination directs more into personal and community development, both on-site and remotely.

I love to read, discover and share ideas, make good friends, build strong networks globally, persist at success, and above all help people as effective as possible. Recent online personality check confirmed me as a protagonist verifiable enough in action and attitude.
Most of my volunteering and active participation follows with organizations like AIESEC Nigeria, Global Citizen, Open Nigeria Activists, StuDocu Educational, Nigerian Red Cross Society, Internshala, Team Everest NGO, EngineersConnect, SANS Institute, GlobalShala, Stockholm+50, CodePlay 72, MTN Nigeria and more to come.

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