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Supporting coding in schools

"Coding in schools allows youth to dream.
To dream of creating the digital products will allow ethical SMEs and manufacturers create efficiencies which will revitalize the economy and increase competitiveness."

Looking to promote and teach coding?

Here are some helpful tools that you can use
Teach coding in your class
You can do it offline: Download & copy curriculum to the PCs, post posters, invite participants & rock this.

Starter Pack
PDF document
Get started
Need to introduce this to the school? Download and print the intro letter. Then email the pitchdeck.

PDF document
Run a coding event
The first step in bringing coding to a school is to run an event called “1 Hour Website”. This introduces students to coding and allows you to have a feel for it.

Starter Pack
PDF document
PitchDeck: Why Coding in Schools
Simple overview on why we do what we do. Get the bigger picture.

PDF document

Make it happen!

Join the network of forward-thinking schools and school management teams building an eco-system of fun, student-run coding clubs.

💡💡Start a revolution


We want to help! How can we get involved?

Get to the know the team, our partners, sponsors and media opportunities.

Yes. Of course you can. First thing: Run the “1 Hour Website” event in a school near you. 

Please send us a proposal or get in touch.

We would love to launch events of help out at the coding in school initiatives.

We want to make sure more people hear about this.

We want to make sure the right curriculum and policies are implemented in schools.

No, we do not set up any computer labs.

Nothing. The CodeJIKA program is free.

We offer free teacher/trainer training to all NGOs that want to introduce coding to their beneficiaries. Sign up for the next session here:
Please send an email to [email protected]
Definitely, to get involved with our volunteering, please sign up here:

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