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Hour of Code 2023

Get Ready for a Week of Coding Fun!


Join millions across the globe in taking part in an Hour of Code 2023

Don't miss out on the fun! 🥳🥳


When will it take place: 04‑10 December 2023

What age/levels can participate: Grades 2‑9+, and anyone else eager to learn to code

How does it work? Pick a fun activity and do a "Hour of Code". 🎉

Where will it take place? You can take part anywhere, all courses are online*

* offline activities are also available
Ready to do a Hour of Code?
Check out these fun activities that we have selected just for you.
A new one will be unlocked each day from 04‑10 December, 2023.
And remember that you are welcome to choose any of the below activities as your way of doing your Hour of Code.

Rodocodo: Code Hour

Rodocodo: Code Hour is a self-guided coding game for 4-11 year olds. It teaches the fundamentals of coding such as sequencing, debugging, loops and functions. It also teaches techniques for solving problems so children become more confident, independent learners.
AGE RANGE: Pre-reader - Grade 5
Coding: Blocks
Remember that you are welcome to choose any of the above activities as your way of doing your Hour of Code.
Did you know if you complete an Hour of Code activity you can get a Certificate of Completion.
So complete one of the above activities and then come back here to get yours.

What is the
Hour of Code?

The Hour of Code is like a super cool event where kids and teenagers worldwide all can explore the world of computer programming.

Imagine you’re the boss of a robot or a game, and during the Hour of Code, you get to tell the computer exactly what you want it to do. It’s a bit like giving instructions for a treasure hunt, and when you get it right, you feel like a coding champion!

So, the Hour of Code is a time for you to have fun and learn how to make computers follow your commands to create all sorts of exciting stuff!

Don't forget to share this fun day on social media by using the following hashtags:

#HourOfCode     #CSEdWeek     #CodeForChange     #CodeJIKA

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