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Empowering Girls through <Coding />...

Introduction to CodeCHIKA:


#CodeCHIKA is a groundbreaking campaign with a mission to empower girls across Africa by providing them with the invaluable skill of coding.

Through our innovative approach, we aim to equip these girls with the tools they need to thrive in the digital age. By bridging the gender gap in the technology industry.

#CodeCHIKA creates exciting new opportunities for girls, recognizing the transformative power of coding in shaping the future.

Key Features and Benefits...

Join CodeCHIKA today, and together, let's unleash the potential of girls and shape a more inclusive and dynamic tech landscape for tomorrow. Empowerment begins with coding!

Testimonials and Success Stories...

CodeCHIKA has been a life-changing experience for me. Before joining the program, I had limited exposure to technology and coding. I never imagined that I could be a part of the tech world. But CodeCHIKA changed that completely.
Keabetswe Mabala
Grade 8, Bokamoso Secondary, South Africa.
As a young female coder myself, I can relate to the challenges they might face, and being their mentor is a responsibility I hold dear. CodeCHIKA is more than just coding; it's a platform for empowerment, breaking stereotypes, and fostering a supportive community of future women in tech.
Sharon Zulu,
CodeJIKA Ambassador, Zambia.
As a principal, I'm thrilled by the transformative impact of CodeCHIKAs on our students' academic journey. Since its introduction, we've seen a significant rise in pass rates, especially in subjects like Maths. Seeing girls embrace coding and express genuine interest in this space brings me immense joy.
Mrs Makubedu,
Principal, Diepsloot Sec 3, South Africa.

Upcoming Workshops and Events...

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