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Start a coding club

Here’s how you can start your own coding club in your school or district.

Why a coding Club?

Coding empowers youth with future proof skills & encourages the uptake of CAT & IT – the club model allows learners to take ownership, leadership and responsibility for their work.

What is a coding Club?

A coding club is a group of high school students coming together with a common purpose – to learn code & put their new skills to good use in the community.

How Clubs Work

Here a quick intro

Make it happen!

Starting a new club is easy. Fill in the form to get started.

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The Coding League//:

How the Coding League works
  1. Organize a friendly match with a club in your area.

  2. Connect with area coordinator to indicate your interest in joining the league.

How to start the Coding Eco-system

Event Structure

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