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Social Impact Campaign Builders

Make your mark on your country by co-designing and implementing a super fun Coding Learning Campaign.

Social Impact Campaign Builders - SICB - INTERNS

This is for Marketing, PR and Communications University Students and Graduates, as well as those with Graphic Design and video editoring skills.
Your goal is to create a campaign for your region or country that will encourage teens and youth to take part in a coding learning competition.

This new segment of interns will be Group-based.

Interns can join and learn more but will need to swiftly form into groups or invite those who can assist them to build one.


We have added all the necessary documents that will assist you on your journey.


Please see below for important resources and tools you can utilise in creating your own markerting campaign.


Freakin' Awesome Questions

Apply before: 8 March 2023

Selection email: 10 March, 2023

Internship starts: 13 March, 2023

Internship ends: 19 May, 2023

Marketing, PR, and Communications university students and graduates, as well as those with graphic design and video editing skills, are welcome to participate.

The goal is to create a campaign that will encourage teens and youth in your region or country to take part in a coding learning competition.

To get involved, please apply here: 

A participant should have a background or interest in marketing, PR, communications, graphic design, or video editing. Knowledge of coding is helpful, but not required.

The campaign should be designed to encourage teens and youth to take part in the coding learning competition in your area. This might include social media campaigns, video content, posters or flyers, or other promotional materials. Here a simple document that you use to help you create your campaign: 

Your campaign can help spread the word about the coding learning competition, increase participation among teens and youth, and help build awareness of the importance of coding and technology education.

Absolutely, all interns that successfully create a campaign will receive a completion certificate and a letter of recommendation.

This is a volunteer based opportunity. We will send a small stipend for data, posters and any other marketing materials needed. However you need approval from the CodeJIKA team.

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